Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday... Not Too Much Funday!

Today, overall was a good day. We went to my grandma’s house, as we do every Sunday, and had brunch. We then went to my husband’s job, it was really nice to see. He wanted to show me how big of an office was being made for him. He’s spoiled at work. He’s a software engineer and he’s really good at it. I’m very proud of my husband. Overall, during that time I was good. My mood was good, not the best, but good. As we headed out of his work, I started getting a headache. It started to irritate me and I could tell that it was starting to affect my mood. I just started getting sad. As we were driving to the mall, I tried to doze off for a bit, since I’ve noticed that when I take a little 5-10 minute power nap, it tends to help, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I had been looking forward to going to the mall, but when we arrived I didn’t really feel like being there anymore. It didn’t help that as we are walking through the doors, there TWO pregnant women standing in front of me. I know, it sucks.

We went to a couple of stores, and then to one of my favorite stores, Disney! My husband saw I wasn’t feeling too good, so he saw that I was looking at a mug (which I have more than enough, yet think I need to collect all the Disney ones), and said I should get it. That made me happy! I loved my new mug! We then went to Jamba Juice and had a delicious drink. As we are driving home, my aunt texts me to let me know that they were home. I was so excited! They just got the most darling little Yorkie ever!!!!!!!!!!! And I totally wanted to meet her.

So we headed over there and got to meet, Bambi! She’s just darling!! Very playful little doggy and she seems to be coping well with the new home. From there we left to my in-laws house. As we got there, they had Alice in Wonderland on and that got me so excited. I sat on the couch with my mother in law and my adorable little nephew, Ethan and watch it. Soon after his little sister joined us. Little miss Anabella! She’s one cute little niece I have.  I’m very lucky to have such wonderful nieces and nephew.

We then decided to go home. I wasn’t feeling too well again. My headache was just killing me at this point, we decided to get some sushi (which we didn’t end up liking a roll). We took it home, and started watching Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Episode 5. We laid on the couch and I dozed off. I woke up just in time to go to my cousin’s rosary. My headache was practically gone, but not completely. After that, we came home, I did some homework, and just relaxed the rest of the night. I even was able to do a birthday card!

During this day though, the thought of them calling us would come in and out of my mind about every other hour. It’s funny how people can’t ever understand what is going on in your mind. But you understand it, Oh so well. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Just maybe…
-Nati Tristan
The sushi we ate

This was the gorgeous sky we saw on our way to my cousin's rosary.
It was a huge dark cloud, yet the sunset was still visible. Gorgeous!

Back home, doing homework and watching Johnny Bravo!

Working on the blog, drinking my nightly tea in my new mug,
and the scrapspace waiting for me.


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