Monday, March 3, 2014

3 Years Ago

It’s been three years ago today. Three years when I heard my doctor tell me he had found cancer. I woke up feeling great! I wasn’t going to let this day win. So I got ready for work, got my coffee and headed to work in this nice cloudy and foggy morning.

I struggled all day though. In the beginning when I got to work, I felt edgy and I felt like I didn’t have much tolerance to people. I tried to fight it, since I don’t want my personal life affect my job, and I did well. I had a quiet lunch by myself for most of it. My co-worker sat with me the last 15 minutes of my break and it was nice. She’s a good friend. I then went back to work, but I just wasn’t feeling myself. It’s been hard.

I continue working, I go on to opening internet explorer and the first thing on Yahoo, I see was: Scarlett Johannsen is Pregnant. Great!  I just wanted to cry. I know! I don’t even know this person! Yet, affects me as if she were my sister. Ugh! I just want to go home.

It’s finally time to go home, thank God!! It had been hard. I felt as if my husband was ignoring me all day by not answering my phone calls, or anything. I knew he was busy, but I just didn’t care. I was lonely. I was sad. I was very sad. I’m I was just happy to be heading home.

On my way home, I started to feel a tiny bit better. The sadness was slowly going away. I started cleaning the kitchen and put a load of laundry to wash. It felt good to be a little distracted. Plus, it helped that I was dusting our new furniture we got (end tables, coffee table, dinette set, and buffet server). My husband got home with some Carne Asada tacos, and off we went upstairs, him to fix a computer and me to do a ton of homework I had.

I got a huge headache and I wasn’t able to concentrate on my homework half way into it. So I decided to take a break and make a birthday card for a little girl I love. It felt good scrapping. I even used my Cricut Imagine, which I hadn’t turned on for weeks! After I finished the card, I came back to the computer to continue homework. I was in a lot better mood and my headache was starting to decrease. My husband then took me for a late froyo run. Yum! That made my day. He always knows how to cheer me up.
We got home, finished my homework and was happy that the day was over. I pray that tomorrow is a better day. March 3rd has always given me issues. I’m hoping that was the reason why I felt so crappy today. Let March 4th be better, God.

-Nati Tristan

My morning drive.

This is exactly how I feel recently.

Some joy for the day. :-)

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