Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another day without Baby Tristan

Hello Everyone...

Thank you so much for coming back and visiting me. Today hasn't been too good of a day. It started off "MOODY" wanting to clean and just nothing really would get me in a good mood. It all changed. We were able to go visit my husband's grandfather, whom is 87. He's such an amazing man. His aura is just so peaceful and he, himself, is just overall a happy man. His words always gets to you and it's just a good feeling.  Afterwards, we hung out with my parents. That was a great time as well. We did some driving and did a lot of singing in the car. We dropped them off and everything was going great, then suddenly I got moody again. And it pissed me off. How can I be struggling so much? And something that really pisses me off is when people tell me, "I think you should take some of your pills."

First of all, that's rude! I understand I'm moody, and that I'm struggling, but the last thing I need is for one of my loved ones to tell me I should take a pill. That's not something I need YOU to tell me! Not cool!

I was able to feel better as we went to the rosary for my cousin whom passed away. That was overall sad, but so nice to see all the family together, and being there to support each other. Then on the later hour, I was once again pissy, moody, and I just wanted to leave. Nobody did anything to me. It was me. We drove back home in silence. I know my husband hated that I was so moody, but it's just so hard at times. We got home, did homework, watched some tv, and now I'm ready for bed. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. I don't like spending my weekends so moody.

-Nati Tristan
Picture of us after visiting his grandpa.

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